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Exhibition Information


Electronics Division
JPCA show
       JPCA show

The JPCA Show, since 1996
Electro-test Japan, since 1997
Semi-com Japan, since 2003
Small and Medium Enterprise Fair, since 2006
Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo, since 2006


Production Division
Handerbeit (Germany)
     Handerbeit (Germany)

Handerbeit (Germany), since 1981
The Handicraft Fair in Hiroshima, since 2003
The Handicraft Fair in Kanazawa, exhibited in 2003
The Handicraft Fair in Nagoya, since 2004
The Handicraft Fair in Kyushu, since 2004
The Japan Hobby Show (Tokyo), since 2004
South Korea handicraft festival, since 2004
International Quilt Week (Yokohama), since 2004
Kilt exhibition of Shiokaze, since 2005
TOKYO International Great Quilt Festival, since 2006
International Quilt Week (Osaka), since 2006
International Quilt Week (Tohoku), since 2006
International Quilt Week (Nagano), since 2006
The Handicraft Fair in Akashi, since 2007
International Quilt Week (Hokkaido), since 2007
Japan EXPO(USA), since 2007
CHA winter show(USA),since 2008
The Handicraft Fair in Hokkaido, since 2008
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